About My Point...Exactly, LLC

My Point...Exactly, LLC helps sales people increase their sales by showing them how to utilize low cost desktop mapping software combined with GPS. Using our methods, They significantly increase their sales productivity and reduce travel costs by intelligently scheduling their sales calls - resulting in more time spent in front of prospects and less time travelling from account to account.

My Point...Exactly was founded in 2006 by Keith O'Brien. He has over 15 years experience in marketing and sales - traveling extensively to cover large territories selling computer technology to the transportation industry. Keith began investigating consumer mapping and GPS technologies when they first became available in the early 90’s. He had experienced their value first hand as a former land surveyor and Marine Corps officer during Desert Storm, and knew they could add value to his transportation customers. He soon realized that this new technology could also help increase sales by mapping the location of prospects, and utilizing GPS to navigate to their location. Keith experimented with different mapping software applications, developing the best methods to more efficiently work sales territories.