Microsoft® Streets and Trips
Speed Pro Pushpin Placement
Power user tip shows how to rapidly place same pushpin with one click (1.5 mins)
Import Custom Pushpins
Customize Microsoft Streets and Trips or MapPoint with your own custom pushpins.(3.5 mins)
Use Imported Google Maps Points on Android
Use points you've uploaded to Google My Maps as a part of your Android Navigation.(5 Min)
Import Points from S&T to Google Map
Learn how to import hundreds or thousands of points from S&T to Google Maps (5 Min)
Streets and Trips Megafile
See how the thousands of pre-loaded Points of Interest can make travel easy (6 min)
Draw Territories in Streets and Trips
Need to draw different regions on your map? This video shows you how. (3 mins)
Optimize Your Route with S&T
Have multiple stops to hit? Use S&T's 'Optimize Route' to save time and money (5.5 mins)
Search along section of route in your trip
Find a hotel/Restaurant, etc. on your route at a specifc point within your trip (7.5 mins)
Plan fuel stops with S&T
Truckers and travellers: Learn how to plan fuel stops along your route (3.5 mins)
Downloading S&T 2011 Trial
Reviews what you'll see when downloading the 2011 Trial (5 mins)
Import the list
Shows how to import a list of locations into Streets and Trips (12 Min)
Using Zoom Feature
Using zoom features in Streets and Trips (2 Min)
Printing Maps and Directions
Printing from Streets and Trips (3 Min)
Streets and Trips 2009 Pushpin Update
Adding older pushpins to Streets and Trips 2009 (4 Min)
Streets and Trips for Real Estate
Shows Real Estate agents how to use Streets and Trips to increase efficiency (6 Min)
Truckers: Adjust Route from Dispatch
Shows how to follow text based route from dispatch using S&T (3 mins)
Microsoft® Bing™
Taxi Fare Calculator
Calculate Taxi Fare using Bing Taxi Fare Calculator (3 Min)
Bing Maps with Photosynth
See panormas from around the world with Bing Maps and Photosynth (5 mins)
Microsoft® MapPoint®
NEW Map to Mailer in 90 seconds
Learn how to turn MapPoint pushpins into mailing labels for your marketing program (5 min)
Export pushpin data to Excel Export data associated with mapped pushpins to Excel for use in CRM, call lists, etc. (3 Min.)
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