See your territory in a whole new way!

We'll show you how to use Microsoft® Streets and Trips to look at your territory in a whole new way. You'll leap across your region with a single click, zoom down to street level as fast as a speeding bullet and spot nearby prospects with X-Ray vision. Your new abilities to quickly find the best prospects, see more of them while reducing travel costs and increasing sales will have everyone thinking you're a sales super hero.

Check out the video above, and click on the signs below to see some of the ways you'll use Streets and Trip become a sales hero.

See your prospect's street level location. Confirm cross-street and other landmark info while you've got them on the phone. Never waste your prospect's valuable time reciting directions to you again!
Search for your best prospects around your designated point, or along your route of travel. See your opportunites highlighted by their potential value to you
See prospect information from your list right on your map when you click on the prospect's pushpin.
Find your favorite restaurants, hotels, Wi-Fi hot spots, gas stations, ATM's and business services right from the convenience of your laptop.
Create drive time zones that show you exactly how far you can drive in a designated time on roads radiating from your designated point. Set up sales calls with the confidence that you can get there on time.
Streets and Trips' tight connection to Microsoft® Live Search Maps on the internet allows you to see an aerial view of your prospect's building - helping you decide which side of the building to park on, and which door to go through.