My Point...Exactly Training

Productivity, increased efficiency, time management, reduced costs…if you’re a business professional, or a family planning a vacation….these terms are important to you!  Whether you're trying to see the most clients in the least amount of travel time or optimize the best vacation route to see everything you want with the least amount of fuel used, mapping and GPS will help you accomplish your goals!

My Point…Exactly Mapping and GPS Productivity Training guides you step by step to mastering the powerful mapping analysis tools found in Microsoft® Streets and Trips and other mapping and GPS applications. Once you sign up, you'll have unlimited access to our members area where you can review the training at your pace, in the comfort of your own office - or hotel room - or coffee shop wi-fi hot spot....wherever you have an internet connection.

You can pause and re-wind the training just like your VCR, that way you don't miss a thing. The table of contents allows you to jump to a particular section of the training , and the video play head allows you to smoothly scan forward or back within the lesson. Click here to see a diagram of our training lesson layout.

Increase efficiency with these powerful Microsoft® Streets and Trips tutorial training videos! Click the sign up FREE button below to get full access to the mapping and GPS training that will revolutionize how you work and play!